Move2Digital has experience in loading all media servers. Sonos, Imerge, Linn, Request, Integra, Russound, Elan, Arcam, Cambridge Audio to name but a few. Our team of experts can assist your client in selecting the correct format or formats for their servers. Should your client request MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, OGG ,WMA or Apple Lossless, Move2Digital can and will deliver any combination of these and others. So should your client wish for a lossless library for their music server and a duplicate copy in MP3 for their iPod, we will provide. Their CDís will be converted and their new digital library delivered on USB hard drive, NAS or the music server itself.

Using specialised custom software, our team of engineers deliver digital music files that are of a high sonic quality. Should your clients have purchased a media server and wish to have their DVDís imported, we can accommodate this also. Move2Digital offers a fast turnaround service regardless of the size of the collection, that is flexible and reliable.

Should your client wish to have a collection of CDís and DVDís purchased for them and imported onto their server, this too is a service we offer. We can purchase entire collections of music or DVDís regardless of genre, combine it with the clients current collection or even offer a consultation with the client regarding extending their existing library.

Whatever your clients ripping needs, Move2Dgital will cater.