icon Move2Digital did a great job of organising my music and even managed to find artwork for CD’s that came free with the Guardian! Very impressive!"

Chances are if you’re reading this it's because you love music, have a sizeable CD collection reflecting this and have a iPod or MP3 player or a digital multi-room home audio system. But the one thing you don't have is time. Time to “rip” or convert your music collection to a digital format.

Depending on the speed of your PC or Mac, it can take 10-16 hours to encode and import 100 CD's. So for the average music loving household that may have 200 CD's, that's some 20-36 hours of non-stop converting. Without Sleep! Not the ideal way to spend your evenings and weekends.

In comparison, using Move2Digital will take 5 minutes of your time. Call us with your request or contact us via the website and we'll arrange to have your entire CD library collected, convert them and load your device. Minimum effort. Minimum fuss. Maximum enjoyment of your music.

But why should you use Move2Digital?
Because We're Experts
We know digital music and have carefully selected our partners, technology and equipment to produce the highest quality output possible.
We Use Only The Best Data Sources
By using only the very best sources for ‘metadata’ (the artist and album information) such as that from Gracenote and GD3 we can ensure that the information you see on screen is accurate and consistent, making it a breeze to navigate your new digital collection. Click here to learn more about Move2Digital Data Grooming.
We Use The Best Technology
By using the best available hardware and software solutions, it enables us to get it right first time, every time, ensuring the best audio quality, accuracy and consistency for every individual CD.

Because We Care
Like you, we are music lovers and we love technology. We treat every CD collection with care and we want our customers to enjoy music the way we do – by just pressing play, sitting back and relaxing.

But don't just take our word for it. Before you entrust us with your collection, see what others are saying about Move2Digital. Testimonials