How Do I Love Thee...Let Me Sing The Ways!

Can't find the words in a Hallmark card to tell your loved one how you really feel? Want to send your secret Valentine a gift to remember? Want to take the opportunity to steal that cute colleague from their unappreciative partner? Not that we'd condone such a thing... but all's fair in love and war, after all!

Move2Digital and Apple have the answer: an unique and unusual present, perfect for your Valentine this year.

Send the special person in your life the iPod of your choice loaded with a bespoke playlist of songs. It's the ultimate way to express your feelings in a unique and personal way.

Click here to request a short questionnaire that will give Move2Digital an idea of the type of message you'd like to send your Valentine. Is it someone you've admired from afar or are you rekindling an old flame? Whether you want to remind your partner of how much you love them or want to send something a little bit more risque, our team of music professionals will tailor a bespoke playlist and load a cute pink iPod (or any other colour of course) with the choice of songs to take their breath away.

From a credit crunching £61. It's more original than flowers. More thoughtful than lingerie. More permanent than a card

Click here to request a questionnaire or call us on 020 8281 0372

8GB iPod Nano
10 Songs = £137
20 Songs = £162
30 Songs = £187
1GB iPod Shuffle
10 Songs = £61
20 Songs = £86
30 Songs = £111