My CDs always seem to be in the wrong place so I decided that my collection needed to have the same mobility as my reading glasses so now they go wherever I do, on the IPod!
Robert Baines
Thank you very much for such a fast, efficient and reasonably priced service!
The iPod is working brilliantly and making the gym sessions a lot more bearable!
Tim Bell
I’d bought myself a Sonos system as a moving in present for myself when we moved house and the 3 boxes of CDs that were packed kept staring at me. Having made the digital music hardware switch I could see the evenings and weekends disappear before my eyes, “Copy us..Copy us” the boxes shouted. In truth, I knew deep down that it was never going to happen. I found Move2Digital on the internet, called them up and they picked up the boxes and a hard disk only 2 days later. I was delighted to receive a call only 3 days later informing me that all 500 odd CDs were copied onto the hard drive. Move2Digital returned the boxes which went straight up into the loft and my hard disk plugged straight into the home network. Within 5 minutes all were available for me to listen to straight through Sonos. I’ve been listening to albums I’d forgotten I’d bought and the time I’ve saved looking for CD’s (and then searching again when finding the CD missing!) has been put to better use, not to mention the extra shelf space where the CD’s used to be. Move2Digital did a great job of organising my music and even managed to find artwork for CD’s that came free with the Guardian! Very impressive!

I can only say I don’t regret a single penny. I know that I would still be haunted by the boxes chanting “Copy us…Copy us” to this day. I would not only recommend these guys but positively urge you to set your music free.

Mind you, who the hell bought that Dido CD?
Stuart Chamberlain.
Dear Jason, just to say that you were recommended by my son to whom I am very grateful because I found your service excellent and reasonably priced for a technophobe like me!
Graham Drake

Having gone through the pain and tremendous cost of replacing all my beloved vinyl LPs and singles with relatively expensive CDs, I was convinced that I didn't want technology to change again in my lifetime so I could avoid the pain of a technology upgrade.

Having now become the proud owner of literally thousands of CDs I was sure the world wouldn't change. Then to my horror I saw my children downloading their favourite tunes from various sites on the internet. I decided to walk around with my eyes closed and my ears shut, hanging on to my pristine CDs which I knew I could play in the lounge, in my room and even in my car.

I started to get seriously worried when most of my friends started buying iPods and playing their favourite tunes on them even the most technology illiterate were now downloading as opposed to buying CDs. I couldn't avoid the digital upgrade any more so I had to do a bit of a stock take ... 2500 CDs!!

I spent last summer staring at the piles of CDs and wondering how many months it would take me to upload these on to my recently installed iTunes and knowing full well that on most of the albums there are only two or three decent tracks.

Then I met Jason Osborne and before long I had met CDs 2 iPod. Early one Saturday morning Jason came round and we packed boxes of CDs into the back of his car and off he went. A week later he came back with a handful of DVDs which contained my lifetime's collection of music. Having uploaded all of these onto iTunes I then spent a fantastic weekend deleting all those songs I never wanted to hear again. I can't tell you how thrilling this process of elimination is, as before long all the songs I loved in the World were sitting there in front of me ready for downloading to my iPod.

The CDs are carefully packed and hermetically sealed away in my loft for my grandchildren to have a really good laugh at. "They used to store their music on these.. ha ha ha". Thanks to Jason and Cds 2 iPod I am enjoying music from the '60s, '70s, soul from the '80s R&B and Reggae from the '90s and not much worthwhile from the noughties. If you really love music but haven't got round to digitizing your archive give Jason a call.
René Carayol

Thanks very much for the wonderful job you did on my CD collection -I'm really delighted with it
Caroline Orden

I had an extensive CD collection of approximately 250 CD's and had always wanted them on an iPod/MP3 Player for me to listen to on my commute to and from work in London. I did not own my own personal computer and as such I thought that there was nothing that I could do.

I searched on the web and instantly located 'CDs 2 iPod'. This site clearly confirmed the process and indicative costs. I called the contact phone number where I was given advise on the iPod required (which CDs 2 iPod then purchased on my behalf), exact costs, arrangement of delivery and collection of my CD's on a convenient date.

To summarise I found the service helpful, friendly, efficient, cost effective and will not hesitate in using this company again when I need any further CD's added to my iPod.
Clive James

Thank you very much for saving me so much time in getting my CD collection changed over. I particularly appreciated the fact that you collected and delivered the CDs and turned it all round in a few days."
Tim Kevan, barrister

I recently bought an iPod and CD2s 2 iPod collected my hundreds of CDs from my house together with my iPod and a week later returned it all with my ipod fully loaded and ready to go! A first class service that does exactly what is says in the advert and at reasonable prices. And this is from somebody hard to please!
Ray Jackson, partner Linklaters Law Firm

After getting fed up importing my cd's into iTunes I came across your site on the web - thank god I did! A brilliant service from start to finish - in less than a week my whole cd collection is on my iPod! Thanks SO much!
Jenny Howard

Dear Jason - thank you so much for doing all of my music. It was money well spent, I am now listening to music I'd bought years ago and had forgotten about. What a brilliant idea, I only wish I knew about you before and am telling everybody I know!
Christopher Leach