The formats on which we listen to music has changed drastically over the last 50 years. From gramophones playing 78's and 45's vinyl records to cassettes in the 70's to the popularity of the CD in the late 80's and early 90's. But at each of these change of technologies, to listen to your choice of music on these new formats has largely required you to repurchase your entire collection. Quite a sum at an average of £10 per album!

But in this age of all things digital, having your entire music collection on a digital format need not be a costly experience. Online music services such as iTunes and Napster are great for streaming and purchasing music online. But do you really want to purchase an album you already have for either 80p per track or £8 per album just for the pleasure of having a digital format of it?

For less than the price of downloading one track, Move2Digital will convert an entire album. Minimum fuss from us. Minimum effort from you.

The benefits of having a digital library of your entire music collection are endless. Apart from being able to transfer it to your iPod, MP3 player or MP3 mobile phone, it can be played on any PC, used for your multi-room audio system or used as a backup of your precious music collection in case of loss. Not to mention the space you'll save in your home having your music on an external drive as opposed to using yards of wall space for CD cases.

Unlike your CD collection, your digital library, like your iPod/MP3 player is small enough to travel everywhere with you. No longer is there the need to carry CD cases full of your favourite albums for your train or plane journey. Now you can enjoy your entire collection while on the beach in a way easier than ever before.