How long does the service take?
Please allow 7 days for your collection to be converted. If you would like a faster service, we will try to accommodate your request depending on the size of your collection.

How much does it cost?
It only costs from 50p per CD to encode to a single format.

When do I pay?
We will request payment when we have completed the conversion of your CD collection.

Is there a minimum order

On what media is my newly converted digital library delivered on?
Your digital library is returned to you on an external hard drive. Call for more details.

Can my device be loaded for me?
Yes, we can load your iPod for you for no extra charge. Just request this at the time of making the order.

What is the Move2Digital default setting for conversion?
We can convert to any format and any bitrate. The default we use for MP3 is 320kbps. However this can be changed at the customer's request.

Do Move2Digital offer custom settings?
Of course. You can select from FLAC, WAV, Apple Lossless, WMA, MP3 or AAC at your choice of bit rate. Just contact us to discuss your requirements or if you’d like some advice. If you are unsure, we recommend you leave it at the Move2Digital default setting.

I do not have an iPod but have another MP3 player. Will the default settings work on my player?
Yes, the MP3 format works 99% of players. Let us know which player you have to ensure.

Do you include artist and track names?
Yes we do. We include all track information. Artist name. Track name. Genre. Track time etc. What is the file name structure? Files are stored in Artist folders, then by albums in the following naming convention: X:\Artist\Album\01_Trackname_artist_album.mp3

What fields do you fill in to the MP3 header?
We fill in all available fields including track, artist, album, genre and year of release.

Do you include album artwork?
Yes we do. However do note that current databases are not 100% accurate but we do import all existing artwork available according to your CD collection.

Do I get my CD's back?
Of course. Only with the original CD's in your possession are you entitled to enjoy your music on other formats.

Do I need a PC?
No. If choose to have us load your device you will not need a PC. If you wish to transfer your music by yourself, then you will of course need a PC or a Mac

What type of PC/Mac do I need?
Any PC bought over the last four years will suffice - look out for any specification above a Pentium II, 200 MHz. However, you will need a USB port should you use our external hard drive option. Please specify to us whether you use a PC or a Mac.

What about 'Copy protected' CD’s and 'home made' CD's?
Such CD's will not be converted to MP3's, as this is breach of copyright restrictions. As the customer you will be charged for these discs and notified of this at the time.

And scratched CD's?
We will do our best to transfer these CD's, but cannot ensure that these CD's will be converted in their entirety.

And what about my vinyl/record and cassette collection
As audio specialists we can transfer your collection to your device - as you can appreciate this is a very time intensive process and as such more expensive than CD's - but please do call us and we will provide an exact quote.

Do you keep a copy of my music files?
No. All copies are written directly to your delivery format and are not at any time held or retained on our server. You hold the only back up of your collection.

Once I receive my digital collection, how do I get them to my music device?
Connect your external drive to the USB port and view it with Windows explorer. Select all of the files and folders, select copy and paste them into a folder on your local hard drive. Then just use your music device software to transfer them in the usual manner to your device. Full instructions are included with your order.

What about music servers?
We provide you with all software to allow you to transfer your music.

Can I share my files?
No. This is against copyright law. Please read our terms and conditions.