One of the most important aspects to any digital library is the integrity and consistency of the metadata. Without proper and logical consistent metadata it is almost impossible to navigate your digital library easily, rendering the contents of the music server or iPod pointless. Move2Digital grooms the metadata of each and every collection, ensuring it’s consistency and verifying the data of every single track.

Greatest Hits Collections
Many collections have numerous Greatest Hits collections by various artists. Move2Digital appends the artist name to the title for consistency so for example, your collection will read “Greatest Hits, Madonna” as opposed to "Madonna's Greatest Hits" or "Best Of By Madonna".

Classical Artist Names
Often the one thing that is most inconsistent in many digital music libraries. Classical artist names can vary from album to album. Many collections without grooming will show inconsistencies in composer names such as JS Bach, Johann Sebastian Bach or J.S. Bach. Move2Digital will standardise this to Bach and does so with all classical composers

Disc Numbering
Box sets, double and multi CD collections often suffer from inconsistent labelling such as Disc 1, CD 2, Volume 3. Move2Digital erases theses variations within the same set and names them as Disc 1, Disc 2, Disc 3 or CD1, CD2, CD3 or Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3 etc.

Inconsistent Capitalisation
As opposed to receiving a digital library full of inconsistent titles, Move2Digital will ensure that every track is consistent in it’s capitalisation.

Album Cover Art
With a media server, you want the best quality cover art for your display. Move2Digital ensures that you receive exactly this. If the artwork is at all available, Move2Digital will find it and attach it to the album for display.

Optimised for Media Server
It's important that the digital library has not just been groomed for consistency but the specific media server, Move2Digital will groom the data for the clients choice of server, ensuring that the data looks right on the media server's display.