With home theatres and multi-room audio becoming ever more popular, the need for the Custom Installer to add value to their service offering has never been more relevant.

After consulting, designing the solution and installing, the loading of the music server is an oft forgotten task left to the client who rarely has the time or the expertise to encode their collection to an appropriate format, nor complete the relevant data grooming necessary required to make their digital library truly searchable.

And is it really the best use of your time to complete the task of ripping a client’s collection? Neither you nor your client should have to suffer such a laborious task.

Move2Digital can help you provide your customers with media centres, music servers or NAS drives that are preloaded with their newly converted digital library, adding value to your brand and satisfaction to your customer.

We load all music servers and are on hand to help you and the client determine the best digital formats for their new multi-room system. Let Move2Digital complete your service, offering the client the opportunity to listen to their music straight out of the box with the minimum of effort.