Music Production and Sound Design Company use Move2Digital to Convert & Data Groom 1500 CDs

“A-Bomb is a small, friendly and very busy music production company, frequently asked by clients in the advertising industry to draw on our expertise and knowledge to research music tracks for TV commercials. Every search begins with our own record collection but we have been increasingly frustrated with the hours it takes to trawl through our thousands of CDs, loading them individually each time we want to hear a track. Thanks to Move2Digital, we now have the entire collection at our fingertips, digitised in CD quality, fully labeled and almost entirely with original album artwork, (which really helps when flipping through in iTunes). The service Jason and his team offers is fast and efficient as well as being personal and friendly and his after care has also been really useful. He's worked in the business and he also has a strong IT background so he understands our needs and has done a great job tailoring the solution to our requirements. Beyond all that, they’re guys with a lot of enthusiasm for what they do and we will be recommending their service to all our colleagues and friends.”
Augusta Quiney & Peter Challis

One of The First UK Sonos Purchasers Contacts Move2Digital 3 Years Later to Rip CD Collection.

“As a long time iPod user I had been slowly converting my CDs into my iTunes library but with constant purchases never catching up on the back log of old discs.
I then bought the Sonos wireless music system and started to think about getting all my CDs converted but the thought of all the time it would take was not appealing.
Then finally 3 years later, Move2Digital was recommended to me and after an initial call I arranged to have my CDs delivered. A week later I collected them and of all my converted music, which just needed copying into my itunes library before uploading to my iPod and copying to my storage device used with my Sonos system. The whole process worked perfectly.
In all I found Jason and his service helpful, friendly and professional, the time saved far outweighed the cost, which is very good value, and I now have all my CDs along with all the artwork.
I can't recommend the service enough and can see no reason why anyone with an iPod or more importantly a Sonos system and a large CD collection would not use this service, its simply the best answer to your conversion problems.”
Graham Cherrill

Full Service CD Purchase, Ripped and iPod Load
Move2Digital purchased 400 CD’s and 3 iPods on behalf of a Premiership footballer at his request. After consulting with the client, the selection was based on his current collection, ripped to multi-format for his iPods and multi-room home audio server and devices loaded.